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Port O Connor, Texas

Catching Bull Redfish

Bull Redfish

Redfish are usually found in shallow water, preferring the flats and saltmarsh cuts that have water flowing in and out . The smaller Redfish tend to school while the Bull Redfish tend to be rogues. However during the fall months when the water temps fall they move to deeper waters offshore congregating in the deeper channels during their migration where they are easier to locate. This migration usually starts about October and lasts through November.

Bull Redfish can be caught on a variety of baits and lures. Cut baits and live baits like mullet, croaker, shrimp and crabs are some of the favorites. I tend to prefer crabs when looking for the Bull Reds. There are also many different artificial lures that are effective for redfish. From topwaters to jigs fished in shallow cuts to marshs and oyster bars, just about anything that mimics a fish they will hit.

Look for birds working a shoreline and marshes where the water flows in and out and many times you can see the tail fins of the fish themselves working in the shallow water.

While tide movement is a feeding trigger for redfish an even more important one is the barometric pressure. Look for drops in the barometric pressure 1 - 2 days before a weather front. A pressure drop makes redfish hungry as they know a weather change is comming.

The current Texas state record Redfish ( red drum ) was caught in the Gulf of Mexico in January 2000 and was 54 1/4 inches long and 59 1/2 pounds

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