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Designed for fishing fun!  The Hydra-Sports Seahorse Series is designed for people who want a boat that's loaded with practical features and no gadgets or gimmicks.  Whether your idea of fun on the water is fishing, swimming or just a quiet cruise with friends, there's a Seahorse model that's right for you.

From 17' to 23' every Seahorse model is build Hydra- Sports Tough.  The proven hull designs deliver a dry, comfortable ride and something more-confidence.  The confidence that comes from owning a boat built and backed by the company that wrote the book on offshore fishing boats - Hydra-Sports!


Recreational Fishermen have many choices when it comes time to buy a new boat.  Shop and compare - ask questions about brand reputation, warranty and of course, the dealer selling the boat.  When you add it all up, it's tough to beat any of the six Seahorse models available through a professional Hydra-Sports retailer for real value and service.


Hydra-Sports owners are a salty, fun-loving bunch who would rather fish than eat or sleep.  Their ideal of a good time usually involves big water, big fish and good friends.  These are the people we build Hydra-Sports boats for - men and women who work hard, play hard and demand as much from their boats as they do from themselves.  People who live life without compromises.


Every once in awhile, something new comes along that changes the way people look at offshore boats.  The new Vectors have raised the bar in the fishing boat business - again.  The distinctive look, the finish work and of course the layout and appointments immediately set the new Vectors apart from the crowd.


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