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Evinrude warrants your outboard from cover to skeg for two years for defects in materials or workmanship.  If a part is judged to be defective during warranty, it will be repaired or replaced at no charge for parts or labor.

Evinrode Outboard is as concerned about the environment as you are.  We're also concerned about outboard performance.  That's why we work hard to give you the best outboard performance across the entire model range without sacrificing the environment to do it.  

Tough outboards for tough customers like you.  Since 1921 Johnson has been building rugged dependable outboards for some of the world's most demanding customers.  Quite simply, no other outboard has met more challenges in more inhospitable environments than Johnson outboards.  Whether you're rocketing to the next bass hideout, scrapin' sleet off your teeth, searching for a record Tiger Musky, or maybe gettin' down with some hard-core ski action, there's a Johnson outboard tough enough to take it all in stride.  Day after day.  Season after season.  

The Water Calls.  Saltwater Calls for More.  When it comes to saltwater, you can count on one thing, Extremes.  That's the same thing we say about our saltwater testing site.  

It's a place where you'll find engines bolted to stationary docks and running at full throttle for days on end.  Where we leave engine parts half submerged in saltwater and half exposed to the blistering sun - to simulate the harsh conditions that slowly eat engines away.  A place where we slam perfectly good engines into logs the size of telephone poles.  All to be sure of one thing.  That the Mercury you put on the back of your boat will handle extremes.  And handle them well.

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