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You own the weekends.  It's your time to relax and have fun with those closest to you.  For over forty years Seaswirl boat owners have been doing just that.  Embracing the freedom and exhilaration that comes with enjoying a quality built boat.


These skilled craftsmen have combined styling, comfort, quality and performance for a total value that other boat manufacturers find hard to beat.  To truly appreciate a Seaswirl you have to own one.  


You need a boat that will last over time.  Seaswirl takes care of that.  Corrosion protection measures are evident inside and out.  Hardware, deck fittings, hand rails and through-bolted cleats are all made from stainless steel.  Seat frames, backs and bases are made from Lexan, a high impact material that lasts a lifetime.  Seat Covers are made with durable, stain resistant marine grade 32-oz. vinyl for an easy-to-clean, neat look that lasts.


Your Seaswirl boat will look as good after years of dependable service as it did the day you trailered it out of the showroom.  That's because each mold, which dictates the luster and accuracy of a boat's exterior finish is painstakingly inspected before and after every use.  Molds are carefully hand buffed, polished and waxed until a flawless, mirror-like finish is achieved.  Not stopping there, the mold is routinely refinished again, insuring a consistent high gloss look.


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Corpus Christi, Texas  78469-9758

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E Mail: boats@gunderlandmarine.com

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