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Guided Alligator Gar Fishing Trips

The original alligator gar guide for rod and reel catch and release angling I do not shoot gar with a bow and arrow like some other wanna be guides because they have problems catching big gar with a rod and reel

I started guiding for alligator gar in 1999 I have caught alligator gar from Mexico to the Mississippi river and all parts in between

 and as you can see on my website I have caught the largest gar ever caught by rod and reel a 365 lb alligator gar in 1991 this fish was 9 ft 6 in long

I have caught 6 fish over 300 lbs , and catch from 1 to 6 fish over 200 lbs each year

I have amassed almost 100 IGFA WORLD RECORDS for all gar species , no other guide is even close  I am the only gar guide to ever have achieved this

Come fish with the original and ALWAYS copied Capt. Kirk Kirkland  

Contact Capt. Kirk
Home Phone: (+1) 936 594 0580
Mobile Phone: (+1) 214 490 0284

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Last update: 28th May 2012